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Current, ongoing weekly video art project on Instagram.

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Video Sketch #13 is seen here. The Video Sketch Project was exhibited in the group show "Performing Flux" in the Sunshine Coast.  

삐뽀삐뽀 뿜빰빠 - Experimental music video filmed in the most foreign area of Seoul. Drag performer - Hoso Hailey Sodomite @hosohaileysodomite. 4K quality 3840 x 2160. 2 minutes 50 seconds.

Primary colour series- Blue

5 minutes 50 s video collage of the artistÈs story. Looks at expectations within family, beauty and belonging. 

Primary colour series- Red

5 minutes 21 s animation on the artist's relationship and experiences with the colour red. 


4 minutes 18 s. The artist's coming out story. 

December 2018


Rodillo Massaje

Displayed as a Youtube ad from Nov 26th - Dec 11 2015.

Recieved over 3,000 views.


Top 15 Movies of the Decade

Duration 6:06 mins, Screened at the UVic Sunscreen festival. 1920 x 1080. 2016.


Duration 5:24 mins, Screened at the Uvic Sunscreen festival. 1920 x 1080 awarded Top Audio Mixing.2015.

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