instagram: @skimisme

I identify myself as both a Drag Queen and Drag King. Skim is my drag persona where I often perform to  explore my genderfluidity and express the performative aspects of genders. Skim embodies both traditional and unconventional masculine and feminine qualities. Suits, bowties, gowns, facial hair and excessive makeup create Skim.

Photograph by Brandon Graff


Collection of Drag Music Videos created during COVID 19 in quarantine at home. I do not own copyrights to the music. 

Shown in Car Free Day in Vancouver.

Youth Drag Series

February 2020 I received a Creative Sparks grant from the city of Vancouver in order to hold a Youth Drag workshop. Queer youth ages 11 and up came to learn about the art of drag from Skim and guest facilitators Rose Butch, Satanix, and Dust.  


Drag Performance art. In this work I lipsync to an edited mix of pop songs that share a story of otherness. In addition, a video projection is incorporated as part of the performance on top of my body. This was performed at the "Negotiating "Asian-ness" in Canada" opening reception in Edmonton. As part of The Works Art and Design Festival. June 2019.

Performances in Seoul

Photographs by Argus Paul @arguspaul

Stories LGBTQIA art show

For the Stories art show I saw a 

Artists - 재인, 류진오 Kahn J.Ryu, Annie Hong, Owen Emman. Terri Thompson, Romi Kim.

Performers - Alex Brown, Azangman 아장맨, Owen Emman., Kabi , Skim

Dear Mr.President performance

Photographs from the online live stream performance. Streamed from an iPhone onto Instagram and Facebook. This took place in the Gambia where LGBTQIA people are heavily banned and seen as unlawful. March 2019.


© 2019 Romi Kim. 

Skim Video art screening

Skim video 3 mins 8 seconds. 1920 x 1080.