searching for familiarity, 13 years later

Performance, 2020.

park2printcloned copy.jpg

I think this is the teeter-totter my brother and I used to play on.

He always seemed little too gleeful trying to bounce me off.

This is a performance where I dress in my drag character Skim and return to places from my childhood in Burnaby. The outfit that I wear in this performance was created during my residency at ArtStarts with over 100 used plastic bags. Conscious of how "fast fashion" affects society and the environment, I work within an upcycle and DIY approach to create the garments and accessories Skim wears. Skim identifies as genderfluid, both a drag queen and drag king embodying high femininity through costuming and typical masculinity through facial hair. I bring Skim to perform and reflect on environment, memory, and place. 2020

skim in burnabysmall.jpg

Installation shot at Artstarts Mezannine gallery. 2020.

park1printsmall copy.png

I think this is the park from across my old house.

park4test copy.jpg

I think this is the park from across my old house.

school1printsmall copy.jpg

I think this is my elementary school. My Grandpa cut out my whole class's fish.