Solo Exhibitions

2019  Searching for familiarity, Mezzanine Gallery, Artstarts,                     Vancouver.

2019  Unfolding, Caetani Gallery, Vernon, Canada - Video                    installation, Performance installation. 

2019  Other, i Art Seoul, Seoul, South Korea - Video Art       

      Screening, Community artwork, Performance art

2017  Bad Canadian, Bad Korean, Fifty Fifty Arts Collective,                Victoria, Canada - Dual Channel, Quad sound Video installation.

2017  Revealing Whiteness, Revealing Me, University of                Victoria, Victoria, Canada - Dual Channel, Quad sound,

      Video installation.

2015  Plastic, Audain Gallery, Victoria, Canada - Video 



Group Exhibitions

2020  "Performing Flux", Sunshine Coast Arts Gallery, Sechelt,              Canada. - Photography, video installation, performance.

2019  October 2019, "Ordinary Nations", Space 55, Seoul, South              Korea - performance.

2019  August 24th 2019, Riot on the Roof, Vernon, Canada - Video


June 20th - July 2nd 2019 Negotiating "Asian-ness" in Canada

      Edmonton, The Works Art and Design Festival, Canada -

      three channel video installation 

2019  Stories, i Art Seoul, Seoul, South Korea - Curator,

      performance art

2019  Identity, The Warehouse, Seoul, South Korea - Video


2016  The Living Archive, New Westminster Museum, New                      Westminster, Canada - Video installation

2016  Iterations,  University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada

2015  Light and Colour, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada


2020 - 2022 University of British Columbia, MFA Candidate, Vancouver,



2017  University of Victoria, Double Major in Visual Arts and

      Gender Studies, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Victoria, Canada


2017  A Conversation with Amelia Douglas, New Westminster                  Museum, New Westminster, Canada - Video installation



2020  Yellow, Anifest, Seoul, South Korea - Experimental                    animation 

2020  Can I, Vines Festival, Vancouver, Canada - Video art

2020  "In Rice-olation" e-Volver Fest, Vancouver, Canada -                  Performance art, Video

2019  Queer, Taos Pride Film Festival, New Mexico, United

      States of America - Experimental film

2019  Queer, Queer Asia Film Festival, London, England

2017  Windows, 7a*md8 Live Stream Performance Art Festival,                Toronto, Canada - Performance art.

2017  Bad Canadian, Bad Korean, Integrate Arts Festival,                    Victoria, Canada - Dual Channel Quad sound video


2015  Consume, Sundance Film Festival, Victoria, Canada -

      Experimental film.


2019  Emerging artist in residence, Art Starts, Vancouver, Canada

2019  Caetani Fresh AiR residency, Caetani Centre, Vernon, Canada 

Awards/ Grants

2020  BC Arts Council Travel Grant, BC Arts Council

2020  Creative Sparks Grant, "Youth Drag Series Workshop", City            of Vancouver, Artstarts. 

2017  Dax Gibson Memorial Award in Gender Studies, Investigating

      Self-portraiture to decentre Canada's whiteness, UVic,


2016  Jamie Cassels Research Grant, Representations of Asians in

      Film and Media Canada, UVic, Canada

2015  Top Sound Award, Consume, Sundance Film Festival, 

      Victoria, Canada

2015  BC Arts Council Scholarship, Canada

2014  Thouvenelle Co-op Scholarship, Canada


2019  August 22nd "Racialization, Stereotypes and Allyship

      Workshop," Caetani Centre Vernon, Canada 

2019  Artist panel, "Negotiating "Asian-ness" in Canada",       

      Edmonton, The Works Art and Design Festival

2016  Artist panel, "The Living Archive", New Westminster,   


2016  Low Tech Animation Youth Workshop, Anvil Centre, New

      Westminster, Canada 

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