Coming out, a party of one Performance, 2019.

askews copy.jpg

This is where my family and I used to get groceries. My step mom would never wear a bra.

Coming out, party of one

This is a performance art piece where I dress in my drag character Skim and walk through memorable places from my youth in Armstrong. The walk took a total of 1 hour and 10 minutes. Armstrong is a small city of 5000 where I grew up in and where my family was the only Koreans living there. I created a paper gown and a fake beard for this performance. This work was created during my residency at the Caetani centre. 2019.


This is where we would walk the bottle depot dogs.


This is where Mik and I would sometimes meet.

park copy.jpg

This is where Mik and I would do "Painting in the Park". We never painted.