My full name is 김새로미. In English, Saromi Kim. I generally go by Romi because I don't like the sound of my butchered name in English. I identify as genderfluid with prounouns he / she / they. I feel comfortable calling myself 교포 (gyopo). Currently, I'm studying at the University of British Columbia in my first year as an MFA candidate.  

Things I question is if Art can be used as a medium to create empathy to dismantle prejudices and the structure of whiteness. How can I build relationships and connections through an art practice? 

I am interested in the accessibility of art and creating work that is relatable and engaging. Haan, Nunchi, the Korean cardgame 화투 (Hwatu), intersections and positions of identity are currently what I am researching. 

I view my drag character Skim as the ultimate other, the villainous main character, and a celebration of exaggeration. Skim is my drag persona where I often perform to  explore my genderfluidity and express the performative aspects of genders. Skim embodies both traditional and unconventional masculine and feminine qualities. Suits, bowties, gowns, facial hair and excessive makeup create Skim.

Important to my practice is working within the community

Youth Drag Series

February 2020 I received a Creative Sparks grant from the city of Vancouver in order to hold a Youth Drag workshop. Queer youth ages 11 and up came to learn about the art of drag from Skim and guest facilitators Rose Butch, Satanix, and Dust.  

Racialization, Stereotypes and Allyship workshop

August 2019 I had an artist residency at the Caetani centre in Vernon. During this time I had the opportunity to work with members of the community -  Okanagan Elder Mollie Bono, artist Mariel Belanger, Brian Sakakibara and Elmaz Wilder to create and help facilitate this workshop.

Stories LGBTQIA art show

For the Stories art show I saw a 

Artists - 재인, 류진오 Kahn J.Ryu, Annie Hong, Owen Emman. Terri Thompson, Romi Kim.

Performers - Alex Brown, Azangman 아장맨, Owen Emman., Kabi , Skim

Collection of Drag Music Videos created during COVID 19 in quarantine at home.

Shown in Car Free Day in Vancouver.